After majoring in Japanese at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, I spent 20 years working for Japanese companies, first in translation and interpretation, then in human resources and accounting for a manufacturing startup. In 2018 I left full time work to be a stay at home dad. For the first couple of years through the Covid-19 pandemic, I didn't have time for much else. Eventually things settled down, and I was able to reflect on my life so far and try new things. What am I passionate about? What have I always wanted to try? How can I live my life more intentionally?

I've loved taking photos since I was young, but I started devoting more time to it around 2014. In the past few years, I’ve photographed concerts, sports, portraits, headshots, and a wedding. I've been experimenting with different genres and defining my style. I used to think I was too much of an introvert to take portraits, but I now realize that I love taking photos of people more than anything.

I'm also passionate about figure skating. We used to go ice skating once in a while with the kids, but in 2019 I thought it might be fun to take a class. It was so challenging to learn how to do even the most basic moves, but the more I learned, the more rewarding it was. I’m currently working on the adult silver moves in the field, and hope to compete this year as well in some adult competitions.

This year I'll be photographing more figure skating competitions as well. Knowing how hard the athletes work to perfect each of their elements, I want to work just as hard to capture their expressions, movement, and artistry in photos they will be able to treasure for years to come.
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